The term ‘God’ is always linked to religion- Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikkhism, Taoism etc. It is true.

All religions do lead to God, this is why some people prefer not to convert while others do convert in order to quench their thirst in knowing God, the purpose of living on earth and not doing something else, like floating in the cosmos instead of having to work for 8 hours with grudge and facing all kinds of troubles to find what we think is ‘happiness’ and ‘satisfaction’. Religions have been present around us for several thousands of years, five thousand to be precise (5000 years).

The first religion, however , did not have God as aim. It was a religion where purity, peace, bliss, satisfaction, power, wisdom, compassion, discipline and civility were all norms. There was no deviation, no Foucault’s panopticon, basically. So that religion was the Ancient Eternal Deity Religion. It lasted for 2500 years in the cycle of humanity. That period of years was also called the Golden Age. That is from year 0- 2500 there was nothing geared towards God because all beings were an image of God themselves. Yes, they had beautiful bodies and all the ecological infrastructures, but the soul was as powerful as the Supreme Soul’s power.

By the end of the 2500 years though, things started to change for the bad. Human beings started to lose their ‘divinity’, lost all the beautiful virtues, and started lacking respect towards themselves, others and nature. So, they were lost, they started to realise that now, wrong things are occurring. For example, where those beings were generous and humble, they started becoming greedy and selfish, hence thefts started taking place. People started seeing dichotomies, good v/s bad, moral v/s immoral and so on. But many of them remembered and had visions of the great souls who were living so beautifully on earth. Unfortunately they forgot it was them, and instead started making those in the visions into deities- into Gods. They thought that was God, and it was so pure in the vision and in feeling that it felt greater than them. Statues of deities and goddesses came about. The primary religion which then did that was Hinduism. The basis of Hinduism is actually the praying of demi-god and goddesses who are human in form but Godly in nature. But what about others? Mass migration had already taken place on the planet since all the continents had started separating. Gondwana and Laurasia were no longer existent by then.

Then the icons started appearing in this drama of humanity: prophets and religious leaders started coming in order to give a direction to those lost souls. This is how the first man-made religion came about. It started with the presence of Abraham. The latter created Judaism, Christianity and Islam faiths in the now Middle East regions. Then 250 years later, the Buddhist Dynasty came about through Gautama Buddha to guide souls in the Asian regions. After that came Christ- which is around 2000 years back. Christ came to channel people in the European continent towards a peaceful and Godly pathway. Then around 1400 years back from today came the Muslim Dynasty by Muhammed who revived the Islamic faith concerning God- Allah (Who is also well known as the Noor- Divine Eternal Point of Light: Supreme Being of Light).


The Human Drama Cycle or the World Drama Cycle turns around within 5000 years only. Hence as per your calculations- you are right- the ending 5000 years of this cycle is close.

5000 years= 2500 years ( Ancient Eternal Deity Religion) + 2500 years (consisting of Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Buddhism,Muhammedism and some New Age cults).

After the 5000 years come year 0 again. This is why for this Great Transformation, God is the one who has come this time. Because this is one Huge Task- World Transformation, and only Godly power can do that, no soul/man power. Therefore no prophet for this current era, no medium (prophets are messengers and medium through which God was introduced.) But no need for that now, because, God is Here!



Haven’t you got it yet dear soul? God is here and is undertaking the task of making human souls transform into the beautiful deity souls again. All religions have talked about it, have been looking for it and dreamed of it. All scriptures talk about the Great Change, about a Great descent on earth, about a New World. It is nothing surreal or phoney. It is true. God’s presence is to be felt and tested, not seen.


For more information, contact your nearest Raja Yoga Meditation Centre, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

Om Shanti.


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    • You are always welcome owfotografik. You are free to share this great news with every soul you know.
      Peace & Joy,always


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