Thought for the day – All We Need Is Love

Everyone looks outside for everything, including love. Love is all that everyone wants. Their purpose in life is love; to love someone, to be loved, to love their car, to love their dog, to love their garden etc.

But all these types of love are perishable and are destined to fade away. The love we really want is within us all the time. When we feel love, where is the love coming from? It is within us, that’s because we are love.

So I need to sit in silence and get to know myself again, because when I get to know my true self I will find out that I am love.

I don’t need to look for it outside. I have an imperishable supply of the most sweetest love possible within me.


Source: Brahma Kumaris

How to write an excellent Literature answer/ essay?

Promise of Purity

Note: The guidelines offered here is for students doing not only English literature, but French, Hindi, African literature or any other essay where you need to defend or assess your ideas.

Being a literature student myself, I had often questioned myself about the  best ‘technique’ to undertake so as to write a good answer and to win those 25 over 25 marks for each question (as per the 2010, 9695, 8682 syllabus code for Cambridge International Exams). And when I got the right technique, I found out that it worked!

I have therefore decided to share it with you all:

1. Your Introduction

I always tell my students to consider an introduction as a separate part from the whole essay. And intro is the paragraph that you write down after that you have done a good planning about approximately 5 key ideas that you will elaborate in your essay. So…

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What is Dying?

A ship sails and I stand watching till she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says “She’s gone.” Gone where? Gone from my side, that is all, she is just as large as I saw her. The diminished size, the total loss of sight is in me, not in her, and just at the moment when someone at my side says “She’s gone”, there are others who are watching her coming, and other voices take up a glad shout. “There she comes!” And that is dying.”

By Victor Hugo from ‘Toilers of the Sea’.


Thought for the day – Radiate Light

Each one of us is a walking radiator. Mostly we radiate thoughts and attitudes.

From deep within we radiate our state of being, and the essential, original and eternal state of every being is peaceful and loving. But we block and distort this energy with our attachments. Attachments turn love into fear, peace into anger and then distort our attitudes and actions towards others. This is neither relaxing for ourselves, or for those around us. Which is why detachment is the secret to living lightly and lovingly

Can we be freed from Arrogance?

A royal form  of desire is to want name, respect and honor. Those who do service while chasing after their name earn a name for a temporary period. However, their name falls back in their claiming a high status because they have eaten an unripe fruit.” (SM 16/06/14)

Om Shanti.

The dictionary definition of arrogance is to have or reveal an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities. To be egotistical is considered to be one of the main 5 vices along with anger, greed, lust and jealous. It is however not to be confused with self-respect or dignity!

When one is asserting a spiritual lifestyle, it is imperative to first know one’s origins. The moment that this knowledge is firmly ingrained in the mind and acts as the chief catalyst in thought processes, one can easily be humble or modest.

In other words, once one realizes that they are a soul- a divine point of pure, infinitesimal light, like an atom gearing up the life force of the body which is only made up of the 5 perishable elements of nature, only then can one know how simple they are actually. The mistake lies in the fact of imbibing the ‘impression’ (sanskar ) from several births that what we see is what we are/become. We are therefore early influenced by the pompous, material possessions that we see around us.

The first step towards being free from arrogance or an egotistical nature is to know who are really. We are a soul. Nothing more or less. We inhabit this body of flesh and bones and all that we project as our physical identity is merely ephemeral because our roles in this drama of life change constantly according to our karma.

The second step is to change the mindset from “I am” to “I learn that I am”. When one ‘is’ (to be), one has the tendency to extrapolate that they are. The ‘self’ here is not to be confused with the ‘ego’ of the Freudian theory or the Reality principle. While it is important to know that the self exists and lives within the dynamics of a social entity, it is also crucial to understand that the ‘self’ is not and can never be full in its whole sense of existence. The ‘self’ cannot be the ‘supreme self’  because the ‘self’ has a lot to learn in order to be that. (Spiritual life very often seeks perfection through the perfect image of God- the Supreme Soul). Therefore by ceasing to think that ‘I am’, for example “I am from XYZ family clan, I am a Doctor in XYZ, I am the owner of a Ferrari, I own a mansion…”, one should instead start the thinking process with this line ” I learn that I am a soul in the body pertaining to XYZ family, I learn that I can help others by being a Doctor of XYZ field… and so forth”. By using the word ‘learning’, it becomes easy to decrease the prior grandeur that one had superimposed upon the image of the self that the self had. To learn from others all the time makes one a humble being, this in turn frees the self from arrogance and overweening attitudes.

The third step is to constantly keep God next to the self. God is the Ocean of all Divine virtues among which figure humility and simplicity. If God is Itself humble towards all Its children- us souls, then what should be proud about, especially when it concerns this material, degrading world? It is also relevant to mention that whatever is on earth, including us (self and being) belong to God, nothing is ours per say, even the vices!. So what should we be arrogant of?

Where there is arrogance, there cannot be happiness. If one tries to seek respect by being arrogant, then it is the wrong way of climbing the ladder to success.

Here are some appropriate quotes collected for inspiration.

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Thought for the day – Introversion

The ability to enjoy one’s own company is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. Learning to turn my thoughts away from all my responsibilities at the day’s end and take my mind into a state of peace and benevolence enables me to carry greater and greater loads without feeling the burden.

When my inner landscape is full of beautiful thoughts, everything I do is a pleasure. Gently, I calm down chaotic situations and offer solace to troubled minds.

Source: Brahma Kumaris

Thought for the day – Exploring Silence

Human beings often think about things that don’t concern them and about other people.

When you think a lot you will use the word ‘why’.

To become silent means to emerge wisdom from within. To move into dead silence means to go beyond the consciousness of the physical body.

This is a very wonderful experience for the soul, it empowers and refreshes the soul.


Source: Brahma Kumaris