“How Do You Vegans Justify Killing Plants When They’re Living Things, Too?”

BK Vedna:

Om Shanti.
That was a thought which has been on my mind for years- How do we explain that killing and eating plants is not as bad a eating meat, but here is one plausible explanation to my doubts as a veggie.

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As I’ve always stated around here, I’m up for spirited debate, and I don’t mind anyone challenging my life philosophies.  This is how we all continue to evolve.  Occasionally, however, these “challenges” can get pretty ridiculous… almost as if the “challenger” is grasping for ANY kind of clever, unassailable theory that will somehow render an entire way of living as invalid.

In the world of Witty But Asinine Retorts to Veganism, there are a few that, unfortunately, will not go away.  Heading this list would have to be the truly pathetic, “But Hitler was a vegetarian, so what does that say about your movement?” (By the way, Hitler was a far fucking cry from being veggie, as his diet included steady rations of Bavarian sausage, liver dumplings, ham, and squab.  The vegetarian myth was just another calculated part of his manufactured public image as a “revolutionary ascetic.”)

A close…

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Thought for the day – The Influence Of Gossip

I cannot afford to overlook the influence that other people have on me.

To what extent do I check that I am not being influenced by gossip?

Negativity in the mind is like poison. Negative thoughts are the seeds of negative actions. Gossip and guessing bring sorrow, heaviness and distrust. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. Think no evil.

Source: Brahma Kumaris

Key parts of ‘The Alpha Point’ by Anthony Strano

Anthony Strano has written extensively on spirituality- God’s presence amongst us. He has also written about his experiences and understanding of the Supreme Soul. ‘The Alpha Point’ is a very small book of 80 pages where Strano expresses his version, which is in fact the true version of one’s experience of God- the Alpha point during meditation (yoga). This book also addresses the key issue of our relationship with God as the Mother and Father, The Teacher, The True Guide, The Beloved and The Friend.

Below are some paragraphs which I believe you, spiritually inclined souls, might find appealing and inspiring in your own pursuit of God and your true self.

The Alpha Point, who can be called God, Creator or Supreme Soul, is complete and self-sufficient. His power is unlimited and, in this sense, infinite, so no matter how much of His energy is given for this renewal it never diminishes in any way.

The Supreme Soul, being a point of conscient energy, is not present everywhere. However, from His home of silent light, His thought can reach everyone, everywhere, at any time. He is indivisible, independent and individual- not omnipresent or divided into parts. He is eternally a point who radiates to all and is close to all through the power of His love.

His identity is unique. He is who He is. His identity and the role He plays are permanent.  A human soul cannot become God, can never merge with or become part of God, but we can become like God. The strong, sweet energy of Alpha can be absorbed by the souls, creating a union of deep bliss. It is such a union that transforms the soul.

God as the Beloved

The aim of nearly all human beings is to find their other half, another person who will make them complete, who will give them a feeling of belonging. This is the basis of human existence, because it is in this coming together with another that a human being experiences love and, in that love, a sense of significance and meaning. Without love there is no life. Life has worth and fulfillment only when we can love and be loved.

People on a spiritual path accept and understand that their other half is God. Mystics, yogis and saints have created their spiritual lives through their union with God whom they experience not only as their better half but as the One who is their All.

They have experienced how God, the eternal Beloved, fulfills all the desires of the heart. There is sense of belonging eternally to a pure and faithful partner, the experience of giving and sharing what is most sacred and valued with each other. Complete wholeness permeates the life of one who feels that, having found God, they have found everything.

For majority of people, to fall in love with God seems difficult or even impossible. This is because our habit is to fall in love with a bodily being. With God, who has no physical image, it is difficult because we cannot touch Him. He seems too abstract, too distant. God is light- a point of light- so how can we fall in love with a point of light?

In mature relationships between human beings it is not the form we love but the qualities and personality of that person. A person may have beautiful eyes or a beautiful face but, after the initial attraction, the physical does not matter. What matters is what the person actually is- the person inside the physical costume. This what creates and maintains the relationship.

If we understand God as a point of light, in the same way, it is not the form we love but the divine personality within that form: the pure qualities of love, peace and truth. When we experience these qualities, we feel overflowing happiness. We feel that this relationship between the Beloved and the lover is imperishable- a love that can never die.

Om Shanti