Thought for the day – Gentleness

Non-violence is a very deep philosophy. Not only does it require me to harm no one physically, but also to avoid harming anyone’s self-respect. Such an ethic requires tremendous awareness and sensitivity. When I have learned to be gentle with myself, I can be the same with others.

Source: Brahma Kumaris

How to remain carefree?

Om Shanti.

Time and sudden turns in life often turn us into hypochondriacs- making us be so careful and fearful about the simplest and slightest of things that living becomes a heavy task.

How to remain carefree and deal with daily or tough problems?

  1. Be in the awareness that E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G that happens to you or to the world is predestined. This is an eternal right that all have. Where something is bound to happen, you cannot change it-no matter what. So instead of trying to question it or fight back again and again (and lose your true self in the process), remain carefree. Be free of its worry. Remove it from your back and from your mind. It is actually easier that it seems. Have unshakeable faith in the drama of life- this is a movie that has already been scripted, and you cannot change it: just act according to the situation and do your best to transform it with love, peace, purity, knowledge, joy and courage- not force, hatred or judgement.
  2. Surrender A.L.L to the Supreme Force. If you believe yourself to be a spiritual individual, you must definitely believe that the source of all energies comes from One huge Ocean. You may call the Source your Father, your Creator, your Support, your Light…, but know that if you have given everything to the Father, you remain carefree. Hand over the responsibility of all the tedious moments and challenges that you cannot surmount to your Father- the Supreme Soul. Tell yourself that God is here to help you and test how far you have progressed as His Child, but if you are in trouble He will always have your back “The responsibility is God’s and I am an instrumental server. I am an instrumental Karma Yogi. I am the instrument that performs”. By sincerely believing that God daily works through you to bring goodness in the world, you will definitely feel better about yourself and be carefree all the time. You will experience  spiritual happiness- this comes from personal experience🙂
  3. Stop wasteful thinking. Souls who wish to lead a carefree life in this body and life should learn to stabilize their thinking processes and perform an effective task of sieving: waste thoughts must be eliminated in this process. “Why?”, “Who?”, “How?” are not always important.  Have thoughts in their purest forms- this happens only when you think of others in terms of a benefactor- giving them good wishes and blessings, instead of judging and ruminating over what happened or felt. Have faith in the intellect and faith in the drama of life. Faith is important because lack of it will make the mind fluctuate, and someone in search of a carefree state of mind wouldn’t want that. Instead, be concerned about checking yourself every minute, day and night. See how far you are making yourself a better human being. How far are you inculcating important virtues in your life- peace,love, enthusiasm, simplicity, sweetness, understanding, stability, bravery and so on..

Love and best wishes.

I sincerely hope this post helps you in your personal and spiritual endeavours.

Thought for the day – All We Need Is Love

Everyone looks outside for everything, including love. Love is all that everyone wants. Their purpose in life is love; to love someone, to be loved, to love their car, to love their dog, to love their garden etc.

But all these types of love are perishable and are destined to fade away. The love we really want is within us all the time. When we feel love, where is the love coming from? It is within us, that’s because we are love.

So I need to sit in silence and get to know myself again, because when I get to know my true self I will find out that I am love.

I don’t need to look for it outside. I have an imperishable supply of the most sweetest love possible within me.


Source: Brahma Kumaris

How to write an excellent Literature answer/ essay?

Promise of Purity

Note: The guidelines offered here is for students doing not only English literature, but French, Hindi, African literature or any other essay where you need to defend or assess your ideas.

Being a literature student myself, I had often questioned myself about the  best ‘technique’ to undertake so as to write a good answer and to win those 25 over 25 marks for each question (as per the 2010, 9695, 8682 syllabus code for Cambridge International Exams). And when I got the right technique, I found out that it worked!

I have therefore decided to share it with you all:

1. Your Introduction

I always tell my students to consider an introduction as a separate part from the whole essay. And intro is the paragraph that you write down after that you have done a good planning about approximately 5 key ideas that you will elaborate in your essay. So…

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